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We support and encourage kids to:


sports from an early age


good habits for a healthy lifestyle


active and happy in our communities



Sport2Life is a privately funded project dedicated to inspiring healthy living and good habits through sports.

Our mission is to promote, support and make sports accessible to all our youth.  Through organized sports activities and outdoor pursuits we will promote good qualities, healthy habits and discipline formed through sport. We believe that through the education of children, families and the public on the importance of sports, regular training and good nutrition we can motivate our youth to pursue and live healthy and happy lives.

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Motivation, healthy habits and physical activity for better results in school and in life.

The value of sport

Tips for healthy eating habits

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Our ambassadors

To bring attention to the project and act as positive role models and motivators we rely on our supporters, volunteers and carefully selected sports ambassadors.

Ivano Balić

Patrik Berger

Kateřina Elhotová

Venio Losert

Petar Metličić

Marek Pakosta

Stipe Pletikosa

Dino Rada

Valent Sinković

Vladimír Šmicer

Jan Štokr

Šárka Strachová

Aleš Valenta

Kristýna Hoidarová Kolocová

Senna Ušić-Jogunica

Jiří Zídek mladší

Ivan Perišić

Edin Džeko

Senijad Ibričić

Samanta Fabris

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“Sports changed my life.  Subconsciously, it taught me discipline, commitment and teamwork before I even knew what those words meant. It taught me the meaning of FairPlay and respect. It taught me how to win and how to lose.  It gave me the tools to be a better student and allowed me to earn my education by attending a great university.  It allowed me to be a better person. But, those were simpler times.  We didn’t have smartphones and tablets.  Fast food wasn’t readily available and having fun meant going outdoors not playing in a virtual world created by a computer game. 

The statistics are alarming.  Although we are living in prosperous times, children are less active, less healthy and less happy.  Digital addiction is an epidemic among both kids and adults.  We know that being active in sports at a young age, spending more time outdoors, and good nutrition are key factors to living a healthier and happier life.  So why aren’t we doing more to make that happen?

This is the goal of Sport 2 Life.  To inform and encourage parents to get their children to be more active at an early age and to spend more time outdoors.  Sports is education and it’s a step in the right direction for a healthy and happy future.  Let’s go back to the basics and through sports to simply get our youth to play, learn and live!”

Mike Saran

Gratitude to Belis Saran, our youth ambassador and the organizer of the inaugural 2018 Istanbul Fun Run.  250 participants, 20 volunteers and a great atmosphere resulted in a terrific day and the launch of a new tradition thanks to Belis!

Sport2Life seeks to connect corporate sponsors, individual donors and volunteers with federation sports programs and community sports projects.

If you like our project, you can support us by a contribution to our account

Account number 1387350113/2700
UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia
IBAN CZ83 2700 0000 0013 8735 0113

Account is held in Czech crowns (CZK). Should you prefer a sponsorship contract, please, contact us at



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